Keep Deer & Animals out of Your Garden Now!

Deer Repellent


You CAN Repel Deer and Animals From Your Garden Naturally!

Keep Animals Out Of YOUR Garden Naturally!

Never need repellents or tall deer fencing. This Deer Deterrent Works.

We are farmers. We know Gardening. We learned the old fashioned way how to keep deer out of a garden.

In the last five years we have watched the deer population explode on our farm. Frustrated at keeping the deer out of our garden, we created the perfect solution, a cage cover system we call The Garden Commander.  

The Garden Commander was originally designed to stop deer from eating our plants and vegetables. Then we discovered by adding end caps that we could repel smaller animals from eating our vegetables, such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, ground hogs and more.  

The Garden Commander cover system works so well we have decided to share them with you to help you with your critter problems. Our natural deer repellent protects gardens without expensive, unsightly, tall deer fencing.  It's the perfect organic pest control without using costly, earth damaging pesticides. 

This great new green product is safe for the environment, and allows you to grow organic gardens naturally.  It works on many insects too.

We have been selling our Garden Commanders at local garden shows for years.  Of the many thousands of Garden Commander covers that we have sold, not one has ever been returned.  We think that is amazing, and what caused us to consider expanding beyond garden shows to sell them online.  

Garden Commanders are constructed of 14 gauge galvanized wire available only at exclusive warehouses.  They are designed to KEEP ANIMALS OUT OF YOUR GARDEN.  Each Garden Commander cage section is lightweight, easy to use, and durable - it should last 20 years or more.  It's so light my grandmother can pick it up with one finger, yet it's so strong it doesn't need stakes to install, and it won't tip over.  Just cover it over your garden row, or raised bed, and it's installed.

Our covers easily overlap for longer rows, making them wonderful for your large row garden.  What's neat about our crop cages is they fit into traditional sized raised beds.  Because of their size, they also  keep out animals from your urban or small rooftop garden.  They keep the birds out of your vegetables and plants too! 

Garden Commander has a unique A shape that makes them easy to carry and stack for convenient winter storage or for moving to other locations.

So, go ahead and grow your vegetable or flower garden without worrying about deer and other animals eating your vegetables or plants.

Our Deer Repellent works for us farmers, so I know it will work for you!

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...We bought 10 last spring and had our best garden ever, since the critters didn’t get to our veggies and flowers. They hold up well and can be used for many years. It kept out both the deer and the groundhogs. I even moved them around later in the season to cover pumpkins because of that...
— Sally A
I really love animals, especially deer, bunnies, and birds. But I must say that I had to draw the line when they ate more of my veggies than I did! Anyway, the reason that I am emailing you is that my neighbor would like to buy some too...
— Cathy O
The wired cages I ordered arrived three days early, which made me very happy. They are exactly what I was looking for to help me keep the deer out of our tiered garden wall...Can’t wait to get the next order of 30” ones to place on the lower level of our 3 tiered wall without compromizing the attractiveness of the wall. Thank you, thank you!
— Irene Y
The Garden Commanders were outstanding! My carrots, lettuce, and peppers, which this year have been protected by Garden Commanders, haven’t been touched by the deer all year. And, believe me, the deer have taken up residence in
my yard – they visit every night, and my dogs chase them away every morning!You can quote me on that if you want!
— Don
I just purchased your Garden Commander, Friday at the Landis Valley Herb & Garden Faire. Couldn’t wait to get home to try them out...We have many stores in the area who sell to gardeners but no one has anything like your product....Good luck with your invention. You should have no problem “selling” it. It practically shouts its benefits!!!
— Jackie S
Deer fencing has been the manner of defense until now. Deer fencing is very expensive, unsightly, and labor intensive. Our Garden Commander cages are low profile and free standing. Simply place each section accordingly and gravity will do the rest. No staking or attaching is necessary. Once sections are in place, plants enjoy the sun, rain, and open air, as if there was nothing else there!
— Paul McMichael, owner
I bought a few cages in 2015 and really liked the way they protected my crops, so bought more in 2016; with a total now of 26 and counting! I may consider going back for more. Deer do not touch any plants that are under these cages. On occasion deer have chewed off parts that grow out of the cages, but again anything under the cages is untouched. I have also used the cages as a “fence” around the garden and so far working well as deer not getting in. After hearing how my brother’s garden was eaten by deer he took my advice and he bought a number of cages and so far it is keeping the deer out of his garden. I would highly recommend these to anyone with deer problems in their garden.
— Dennis W

Video of How to put the Garden Commander together, and much more.....


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Garden Commander Row Cover Features

  • Stops Wildlife From Eating Your Garden
  • Repel Deer, Groundhogs, Rabbits, Birds, Squirrels, And Much More....
  • Safe For Pets And Wildlife Too!
  • Stackable, Portable, Lightweight - No Anchoring
  • Low Profile And Attractive - No More Ugly High Fencing
  • No Tip Design
  • Made Of Solid, High-Quality 14 Guage Galvanized Wire
  • No Rust - Should Last For 20 Years!
  • Cost Effective- No Expensive Fencing Needed
  • Environmentally Friendly Green-Echo Products
  • Perfect For Early Spring Start Ups By Creating A Mini Greenhouse - cover with plastic sheeting.
  • Extend The Growing Season Into Late Fall by adding a frost cloth
  • Protects Against Insects Not Burrowed Deep Into The Soil
  • Ideal For Trellising Tall Plant Supports like Iris, Peonies, Gladiolas, Lillies And More!
  • Easily Moved For Weeding And Harvesting Plants
  • Available In two Heights And 4 Foot Lengths
  • Overlaps Together Easily To Custom Fit Your Garden Footprint
  • Great For Raised Beds, Traditional Rows, or Square Foot Gardens

I ship within the 48 Continental states. If you have any questions about local delivery or shipping, and how my Garden Commander cages work, please email or call me at (540) 454-3671  

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